Vehicle One Way Vision Fun

Style your back window for Events, Bucks and Hens parties, show off your hobby, or just put an image on the back window.

One Way Vision lets you see out, while the outside world only sees your printed message.

The secret: tiny holes. Outside, the bright colours fool the eye and the holes disappear. Inside, the black-backed material allows the eye to see out clearly.

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How detailed the image / How much you can see out

60 / 40 (60% image coverage / 40% visibility): A more detailed image, slightly less visibility out.

(SA law says rear windows need 20-25% Visible Light Transmission.)

Dirt can catch in the holes of unlaminated vinyl and work under the adhesive. Rainwater fills the holes completely, blocking visibility until it dries. Lamination seals the vinyl and helps protect it, as well as maintain clear vision.

If the tech bits like Bleed, Size, Crop Marks, Safe Area, etc. are confusing and you don’t think your artwork is correct, we can tidy your file and make it print ready for you for just $22.50.


If you need more help like editing, styling, or recreating your file, we can help with that too, starting at $33.00. Just email us for a quote and advice.

Total (Incl. GST) :$ 71.06
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Total (Incl. GST) :$ 71.06

Artwork Templates

Download Help Guides and Templates (Help Guides for one size cover all sizes)

Max 1400x500mm