Quick Dry Ink and Pad for hard shiny surfaces

Special Quick Dry Ink and Pad for stamping non-porous surfaces like plastic, metal, or glossy paper.

Regular stamp ink is water based and just beads up on non-porous surfaces. Quick Dry ink is made to bite in to hard, shiny surfaces and actually dry (between 30 seconds and about 5 minutes).

For best results: use the Quick Dry ink in small batches, keeping the pad covered between batches. Re-ink in small amounts for each batch. When finished, clean the pad card card-body and cover.

If your unit is over two years old, contact us before ordering a replacement pad. Colop continues to improve design and a new pad may not fit.


Choose Ink Pad Size and click Browse Designs. Click "CHECKOUT". For INK ONLY (15 mL bottle), choose size "INK ONLY", then click Browse Designs. Click "CHECKOUT".






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