Help the CFS fight fires with signs and stickers that make the job easier and safer.

FIRE WATER signs and stickers identify what’s really water and where it is. Precious time is often lost figuring out if that tank is fuel, fertiliser, or something else.

The allBIZ CFS range:

    • Reflective Metal Road Sign points left / right to FIRE WATER
    • Reflective Sticker says FIRE WATER
    • Reflective Sticker WATER FOR FIRE FIGHTING
    • Reflective Sticker TANK CAPACITY (just add in your capacity with our online template)


$5.00 from every sale is donated to the CFS Foundation.

Official CFS Foundation Fundraiser.

CFS Fire Water Signs and Stickers

CFS Fire Water Signs and Stickers

Help the CFS with FIRE WATER signs and stickers, and tank capacity stickers.