Replacement SEG Prints

Order your replacement Lightbox Fabric today for a quick interchangeable message.  our material is machine washable & best of all, the light functionality creates a tone that makes them stand out amongst a sea of other indoor displays.

Our material has a 3 month warranty.

Sizes Available (WxH)
Small: 850x2000mm
Medium: 1000x1500mm
Large: 3000x2500mm.

Custom size: # Price to prepare a design and production specifications for a custom size light box. Deductable from the finished job

Delivery not Included

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Total (Incl. GST) :$ 138.85

Artwork Templates

Download Help Guides and Templates (Help Guides for one size cover all sizes)

Small: 850 x 2000mm
Medium: 1000 x 1500mm
Large: 3000 x 2500mm