Cut Vinyl

Vinyl shapes cut from single colour UV external grade vinyl, front view or reverse cut.
Upload Your own design: Use our guide to help create your cut lines or shape

Simple shapes:  Choose from round, oval square or rectangle shapes in a range of sizes
Kiss Cut: Choose your size and shape and let us create a custom cut shape
Custom detailed designs: Contact our team for a quote for a detailed precise cut decal

Order your vinyl lettering through our Cut Vinyl Lettering app

Supplied weeded with application tape ready to install or for the dedicated DIY job save and order without weeding


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Note: colours are approximate, screen representations.



A cut line tells the cutter where and how to cut. The outside Through Cut is applied for you in all templates. If you need a shape cut we can add a Kiss Cut line for you.

See the Help Guide for more information.

WEEDING is pulling off the vinyl that won't be used.

Total (Incl. GST) :$ 22.97
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Total (Incl. GST) :$ 22.97

Artwork Templates

Download Help Guides and Templates (Help Guides for one size cover all sizes)

400W x 300H mm - AL