Spray and Up -Textured

Introducing a quick, easy & clean wall graphic.

Our PVC Free Spray & Up Wall Graphic eliminates the need for conventional wallcover paste, in it replacement is simply water, reducing application time by up to 60%!

This stock is a wet-laid nonwoven designed with 2 layers & is uncoated, leaving your artwork with a rough and rustic look.

Application Tips:
⁃ Wall needs to be sealed, either painted or at least one coat of primer
⁃ Standard spray bottle can be used
⁃ Fill spray bottle with tap water
⁃ Recommended water to be applied at rate of 100ml per 1sqm
⁃ Material can be re-positioned & re-alligned during the first 10 minutes

Removal Tips:
⁃ When you're ready for a change, this product can be easily removed by reapplying water to re-active the glue.

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